I got fully paralyzed by March of 2020 had hardly any movements in the upper body and my lower body was gone. Was Bed Bound

Doctor (specialist #1) - said I'd be operating in a wheelchair

Doctor (specialist #2) - diid not know if walking was a possibility.

I knew I will walk again, there was no hesitation I knew I could get myself back to walking and fully functioning. 

I loved fitness, I started this brand simply to shine light in people that nothing is impossible, this brand is supposed to inspire, uplift, and motivate individuals to not only work hard, and have confidence in themselves but to believe in what they are capable of doing!

As of March 2023, I’m on my way to walking all by myself, at the moment I am having a walker to assist with walking. 


Who is this for

This a community to build each other up! We support one another, we are here to support you and help elevate your confidence. WE ARE HERE AS A FAMILY!

The UNFAZEDSPIRIT activewear will make you feel good, confident and elevate yourself! 

We are committed to providing you the best shopping experience,  We would love for you to have a smooth experience browsing through our website and receiving the product you desired,

Meaning of LOGO (Saber Toothed Tiger)

The Animal saber tooth tiger are very unique, they represent power, strength, ancient wisdom, Inner knowledge, courage, precision, embracing primal instincts, 

Spread the LOVE and POSITIVITY